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et bella viribus mortiferum – Beautiful Yet Deadly Strength (latin)

paradox |noun | par-a-dox | \per-e-daks\  1: a statement or argument that is so seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet true.

Like an avenging angel, vengeance so swift, elegant and formidably deadly. Beautiful and devastating, a significant paradox inspiring foreboding reverence.  Simultaneously striking divine majesty and oppressive trepidation.

Prior to becoming an international arms dealer, the now-owner’s very first project was building an M2HB .50 caliber machine gun.  The founder’s needed a company name, behold, Hurricane Butterfly was born.

ante omnia armari aut pax aut bellum – “before all else, be armed in either peace or war.”

Hurricane Butterfly was founded in 1997 and moved to the Great Pacific Northwest in 2010. Located just south of Seattle, WA, Hurricane Butterfly is proud to outfit enthusiasts, Law Enforcement, Military and Federal Agency personnel alike.  We truly believe in fostering excellence in the shooting sports community and firearms industry based on our core beliefs for great quality, our dedication to exemplary customer service, and honorable reputation.

Welcome to Hurricane Butterfly and thank you for shopping with us!

Hurricane Butterfly Online Retail Sales Commercial Sales
Hurricane Butterfly Law Enforcement (HBLE) Law Enforcement Sales
Hurricane Butterfly Manufacturing 07 Federal Firearms Licensee Manufacturer
Hurricane Butterfly Logistics Fully Licensed International Importer / Exporter

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