HB Law Enforcement Sales

Hurricane Butterfly LE Division. HBLE proudly specializes in law enforcement sales supplying the best equipment & gear necessary to keep those that protect and serve, armed and safe. HBLE issues quotes and sales of LE Restricted Products to:

  • Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies
  • Individual officers
  • Reserve officers
  • Affiliated Government agencies
  • US military, individual military personnel
  • DHS / TSA employees
  • Licensed security agencies, officers and contractors
  • Affiliated training facilities
  • Firefighters / EMS
  • Corrections
  • Prosecutors, district attorneys
    • *Product-specific restrictions apply, see below for details.

HBLE Online Purchases & LE Membership. LE product sales are restricted to those authorized and approved “HBLE Members” only. Without approval for HBLE membership, restricted items cannot be purchased. To obtain HBLE membership:

HBLE Order & Purchasing. LE purchases can be made online, via phone or by official department / agency PO (purchase order). LE purchases can be paid with VISA or MasterCard, AMEX or certified funds. Some specific items may have additional purchasing requirements, please see “Product-Specific Restrictions & Additional info” below.

Request a Quote & Product Fulfillment. Please Contact Us for pricing and availability, even if the product(s) is listed as “Out of Stock” we are more than happy to provide an estimate for pricing, product fulfillment and delivery times. We can also place an order for products listed as “out of stock”, no minimum purchase required. Order fulfillment times may vary, please Contact Us for details. If the product is listed as “In Stock” we physically have it in our warehouse inventory, ready to ship.

  • Phone: (253) 414-6066

HBLE Product-Specific Restrictions & Additional Info.

FET (Federal Excise Tax) Exempt. If you or your agency requires FET (Federal Excise Tax) Exempt quotes on any item for duty use please Request a Quote. FET exempt orders must be on an official agency / department purchase order and be accompanied by a Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate.

HBLE Trade-In Program. Have something to trade? We often take trade-ins toward new gear your department may require. We have taken on trade: used guns and gear, confiscated & duty weapons, magazines, machine guns, weapon parts, night vision, optics and more.

Contact Us for trade considerations, terms & estimates

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HBLE Offers a Great Variety of LE / Police Gear to Include:

  • Lethal Defense – Firearms / Duty Weapons
  • Less-Lethal Defense
  • Non-Lethal Defense
  • Ammunition – Breaching / Duty / Training / Less-Lethal
  • Gear – Duty / Tactical / Training / Off-Duty
  • Body Armor – Concealable / Tactical / Plates / Shields / Helmets
  • Optics
  • Night Vision and Thermal Imaging
  • Accessories

HBLE is Proud to be LE Distributors for the Following Brands:

Must have “HBLE Membership” approval to purchase LE Products. Please see above to obtain approval and gain HBLE purchasing authorization.  

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