Hurricane Butterfly HK416 Semi-Automatic Pistol Import

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Hurricane Butterfly is proud to introduce the Legendary HK416 in a semi-auto pistol platform imported for under ATF form 6 approval with no civilian restrictions on possession or ownership.  Heckler and Koch is internationally renowned for their acclaimed and combat-proven weapon systems recognized and utilized by worldwide military, law enforcement, and security forces.  Due to Federal regulation and also import / export regulations, many of the innovative HK designs and weapon systems are strictly limited for import for law enforcement and military use, only. The Hurricane Butterfly imported HK416 semi-auto pistol meets the requirements of 18 USC 925(d)(3) for “sporting purposes” following sample submission & testing permitting this particular model to be sold freely to civilian consumers.  Please see the official ATF FTB Response – Redacted for the complete firearm classification and identification.  These new manufactured pistols uphold the HK standard of excellence in quality and “no compromise” end-product.  These are truly one of a kind, please see our HK416 Semi-Auto FAQ Sheet for more info.

Hurricane Butterfly HK416 Documents:

HK416 ATF FTB Response – Redacted

HK416 FAQ Sheet Hurricane Butterfly

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