12 Gauge Short Blanks – Special Use Rounds, 5-Round Package


12 Gauge Short Blanks – Special Use Rounds – 5-Round Box

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12 Gauge Short Blanks – Special Use Rounds – 5 Shell Package

These 12-Gauge short blank rounds are commonly used in training applications for grenade / flash bang simulation for law enforcement and military. These short blank rounds can also be used as less lethal deterrent, wildlife deterrent, pest control, distraction rounds, dog training, gunfire simulation, emergency signaling, reenactments, movie / theatrical special effects, in shotguns for light loads, and more.

The cartridge profile is cut to “short” 12-gauge standard and a rolled Top Brass head, primed with standard, non-corrosive 209 shotgun primers and loaded clean-burning powder.  These shells create a very loud report in excess of 174 dBa with little smoke. 

While these blank rounds are not loaded with any projectiles they can still be dangerous at close range and should be discharged with care applying the basic rules for safe gun handling. 

Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, DO NOT point or fire in the direction of people or animals as hot gases and filler material will be discharged from the gun.  Not recommended for use indoors. 

*These will not operate automatic shotguns or activate shotguns with inertia triggers. 


  • Sold in 5-round packs
  • 12-Gauge
  • Short profile case length
  • Top Brass
  • 174+ decibels
  • 209 Shotgun Primed, Non-Corrosive
  • No projectile (s)
  • Shell color may vary
  • Packaged in 5-round boxes
  • Must ship UPS due to HAZMAT / ORM-D regulations


  • Less Lethal Deterrent
  • Wildlife Deterrent
  • Pest Control
  • Grenade / Flash Bang Simulation Training
  • Distraction Rounds
  • Dog Training
  • Gun Fire Simulation
  • Emergency Signaling
  • Reenactments
  • Movie / Theatrical Special Effects (NOT recommended for indoor use)

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in