B.E. Meyers 249F 5.56/.223 Flash Hider 1/2X28 TPI


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B.E. Meyers 249F 5.56/.223 Flash Hider 1/2X28 TPI

The B.E. Meyers 249 Series Flash Hider has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective flash hiders available.  According to a formal US Army evaluation, the 249F eliminates 96% of all visible muzzle flash and was awarded the highest score during testing.  This prevents momentary night blindness and eliminates flash distortion of night vision devices, allowing you to effectively maintain target awareness throughout an engagement. In an independent study conducted by JSOC, the BE Meyers Flash Hider rose above the competition as a top performer, and has been the choice of elite military units for nearly two decades!

The D249F flash hider is easy and quick to install and fits most AR-15, M4, and M249 style weapons. The legendary 249F is lightweight at only 3.5 oz and now comes with Melonite finish for superior corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

Now, you can own one of the best flash hiders money can buy! This is the LAST batch of the 249F flash hiders! 

These are the last five B.E. Meyers units available.


  • Function: Flash Hider
  • Caliber: 5.56
  • TPI: ½-28
  • Body Length: 2.75 in (69.85 mm)
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Body Diameter: 0.865 in (21.97 mm)
  • Material: Steel
  • Material Finish: Melonite
  • Color: Dark Matte Gray/Black
  • Reduces Night Vision Signature: Yes
  • Optimal Adapters Available for Other Weapons: Yes
  • Effect on Accuracy or Cyclic Rate: None
  • Weapon Compatibility: AR-15, M4, M16, M249, HK416, MK46
  • Crush Washer Included


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