Beretta PM12 Submachine Gun 9x19mm NATO Post-Sample, Used


Beretta PM12 Submachine Gun 9x19mm NATO Post-Sample, Used


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Beretta PM12 Submachine Gun 9x19mm NATO Post-sample, Used

*These are used, genuine Beretta PM12 submachine guns that are post-sample machine guns, available for import. Post-sample machine guns require a demonstration letter from a law enforcement agency in order to purchase.  If you have (or can get) a demo letter for these firearms, we are able to import and sell them to you. Contact us for more information.  Contact us for pricing, import details, and further information.

These are post-sample machine guns are used by a LE agency in varying, used conditions. 

The Beretta PM12 (“Pistola Mitragliatice” or machine pistol) submachine gun was developed in the 1950’s and adopted by the Italian military and law enforcement forces. This compact sub-gun is blowback-operated and fires from an open bolt arrangement. Chambered for the 9x19mm NATO standard cartridge feeding from 20-, 32-, or 40-round detachable box magazines.

Although heavy in comparison to modern sub-gun standards, the PM12 proved to be robust, accurate and comfortable, also very stable while being fired.  With a safety button located over the pistol grip, the fire selector can be changed between semi- and fully automatic fire by pressing another button located above the pistol grip. The PM12 also features an automatic grip pressure safety which was only disengaged when the shooter grips the weapon.

The PM12 has a side-folding metal stock that protrudes from the weapon slightly in the folded positions. There is also an integral forward vertical grip for further stabilization while firing. Simple iron sights are protected by side walls to keep them intact and sheltered from damage and battlefield abuse.


These are post-sample submachine guns, used by an LE agency in varying used conditions.  Fully functioning, fit to fire.


Type Submachine Gun
Caliber 9x19mm NATO
Magazine 32-round, box-type
Operation Blowback, fires from the open bolt position
Fire Selector Safe, (S) Single (1) or fully automatic fire (R)
Rate of Fire 550 rpm
Barrel Length 8” (200mm)
Stock Side folding
Overall Length 657 mm, 418mm folded
Weight 3.480 kg