CTS 37mm OC Irritant Indoor Powder Barricade 5.45″- Model 3441


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Product Info & Specs

CTS 37mm OC Irritant Indoor Powder Barricade 5.45″- Model 3441

Powder filled, non-burning, spin-stabilized round designed to penetrate intermediate barriers of moderate density such as windows, interior dry wall and interior doors. The projectile breaks upon impact and delivers an agent payload of powder or liquid throughout the target area.


  • Description Cartridge, 37 / 40 mm, Powder Barricade Penetrating, OC
  • Model Number 3441
  • Type Single Projectile
  • Discharge Time Instantaneous, upon impact
  • Characteristic Fin Stabilized
  • Range: 50 yd
  • Cartridge Material Aluminum
  • Projectile Material Plastic Composite
  • Overall Height 5.45”
  • Compatibility 1.5” Riot Guns, M203 & M79 Type Grenade Launchers
  • Velocity 380-425 fps
  • Waterproof Lacquer Coated Primer & Sealed Top

Purchase Requirements for 37mm & 40mm Chemical Munitions:

  • Department / Agency / Government-direct sales only, no individual purchase
  • Agency PO or official agency letterhead purchase authorization AND
  • FET (Federal Excise Tax) applied and paid OR FET Exemption Certificate

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 4 in