Heckler & Koch HK UMP45 Submachine Gun .45 ACP Post-Sample, Used


Heckler & Koch HK UMP45 Submachine Gun .45 ACP Post-sample, Used


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Heckler & Koch HK UMP45 Submachine Gun .45 ACP Post-Sample, Used

*These are used, genuine factory Heckler & Koch Germany HK UMP45 Submachine Guns that are post-sample machine guns, available for import. Post-sample machine guns require a demonstration letter from a law enforcement agency in order to purchase.  If you have (or can get) a demo letter for these firearms, we are able to import and sell them to you. Contact us for more information.  Contact us for pricing, import details, and further information.

These are post-sample machine guns are used by a LE agency in varying, used conditions. 

The Heckler & Koch UMP (“Universale Maschinenpistole” or “Universal Machine Pistol”) series submachine guns were designed as a successor to the iconic and prolific HK MP5 series sub-guns. HK began production on the UMP series sub-guns in 1999 and are still in current production to this day.  The HK UMP submachine gun operates on a blowback, recoil operated system from a closed bolt firing arrangement. The UMP series offers selective-fire to include semi-automatic, 2-round or 3-round burst and fully automatic firing modes with a rate-of-fire at about 600-650 rounds per minute. Where the UMP’s rate-of-fire lacks in speed it results in notably longer effective range delivering a weapon that can is well-purposed as a close-quarters sub-gun and as an “assault” style rifle to an extent.  The UMP has an effective range of about 100 meters.  The highly adaptable UMP platform has become fundamental for specialized military organizations, Internationally.

With the UMP, Heckler & Koch developed a versatile submachine gun that is highly adaptive and easy to reconfigure the cartridge that is fired.  A weapon that can cover three calibers, the 9x19mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP simply by exchanging a few of the major components.  The HK UMP variant designation signifies the base caliber of the submachine gun; UMP9, UMP40 and the UMP45. Despite the different cartridges, each UMP model variant is the same Heckler & Koch sub-gun sharing a commonality of parts with the magazine being the ultimate identifier.  A quick change of the barrel, bolt and magazine of the applicable caliber are the only requirements for the UMP to fire one of the different cartridges.  To accommodate that variances in the cartridge sizes, the UMP series produces two different magazine capacities; the UMP40 and UMP9 both feed from a 30-round detachable box magazine whereas the UMP45 is limited to a 25-round detachable box magazine. The magazine body is also shaped differently between the designations, the UMP40 and UMP45 magazines utilize a straight magazine body and the UMP9 utilizes a curved magazine body.

The UMP combines top-rate performance with simple handling and high safety standards. The modular fiber-reinforced polymer receiver guarantees the necessary ruggedness with minimized overall weight of only 4.6lbs (UMP9, UMP40) and 5lbs. (UMP45) making the UMP lighter than its predecessor, the HK MP5. All variants share an overall length of 27.2” (690mm) with the skeletal stock fully extended which in the  folded position, reducing the overall length to 17.7” (450mm).  The stock folds to the right side of the receiver, even in the folded position the weapon is still capable of firing making the UMP a rather compact submachine gun for a variety of applications such as light infantry or close-quarters combatants.

The HK UMP features a barrel length of 8” (200mm) with a flash suppressor fitted on the muzzle, a suppressor can be attached to the muzzle as well.  The picatinny rail on the top of the receiver to mount any variety of optics, etc., the foregrip also has an accessory rail to attach a variety of equipment.

As a typical member of the HK family of weapons, the UMP is a highly effective, economical alternative for military and law enforcement applications.


These are post-sample submachine guns, used by an LE agency in varying used conditions.  Fully functioning, fit to fire.


Type Submachine Gun
Caliber .45 ACP
Magazine 25-round, box-type
Operation Blowback / recoil operated
Fire Selector 0-1-D
Rate of Fire 600-650 rpm
Barrel Length 8” (200 mm)
Barrel Cold-hammer special high-strength steel
Stock Side folding, skeletonized
Overall Length 27.2″ (600 mm) extended; 17.7″ (450 mm) folded
Weight 2.3 kg empty
Effective Range 100 meters
Sights Iron sights, dioptre