IWI Galil MAR “Micro Galil” 5.56x45mm NATO Parts Kits, Used, Good Condition


IWI Galil MAR “Micro Galil” 5.56x45mm NATO Parts Kits, Used, Good Condition


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IWI Galil MAR “Micro Galil” 5.56x45mm NATO Parts Kits, Used, Good Condition

*These are genuine IWI Micro Galil parts kits less receivers in used varying conditions, we will have more specifics on the kits once these are received upon importation .  THIS IS NOT THE 922r COMPLIANT PARTS KIT, NFA LAWS APPLY TO INSTALLATION.

The Israeli IWI Galil MAR (Micro Assault Rifle or Micro-Galil) is a long-stroke gas-piston operated, rotating bolt design compact assault rifle based on the full-sized Galil rifle and similar in function to the Soviet AKS-74U short assault rifle. Introduced in 1995 by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) the MAR is rendered as a highly compact version of the Galil automatic rifle, which was modeled on the internals of the Kalashnikov with and external features of the more refined version of the AK, the Finnish RK62. The Galil features such “modernizations” to the AK platform such as being chambered for standardized, western ammunition, the 5.56x45mm NATO.  This micro assault rifle was intended for use by special forces operatives seeking a compact, close-in weapon fighting platform based on a proven action.

Like its highly successful successor, the Galil rifle, the Micro Galil fires the 5.56x45mm NATO standard cartridge feeding from a 35-round detachable box-type magazine. The MAR has a rate-of-fire nearing 650 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of about 2,330 fps. Categorially the MAR is comparable to submachine guns yet firing the powerful 5.56m NATO rifle cartridge earns a category rank within “short assault weapons.” Designed for easy and discreet to carry yet still highly effective at 200-300 meters with superb precision.

The MAR has all the qualities of the Kalashnikov just in a different cartridge chambering; highly reliable, accurate target engagement, easily controllable, comfortable firing and minimal muzzle rise in a micro yet mighty design. The barrel assembly measures in at 7.68” with an overall length of no more than 27”. With the standard foldable steel stock in the folded position, the overall length of the MAR is reduced to just 17.5”. All other functionality and action controls remain faithful to the original.


Type Compact Assault Rifle
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Operation Gas-piston operated, rotating bolt
Barrel Length 8” (200mm)
Stock Side folding