HBLE – Hurricane Butterfly Law Enforcement Sales
Restricted Products & Sales to Approved LE / Corrections / Security Only

HBLE is proud to provide Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies and licensed Security personnel with only the best equipment, gear and guns needed for those that protect and serve. From guns, gear, ammo, vests, flash-bangs and more, HBLE has your six. The HBLE section of the website is limited to LE / Corrections / Security (limited products) purchase only. Product sales are restricted to those authorized and approved “HBLE Members” only. To obtain HBLE membership approval, please create an standard “User Account” with your agency email address OR submit agency credentials to the Hurricane Butterfly Web Sales Manager for approval. (Security must provide credentials). LE purchases can be paid with VISA or Mastercard OR certified funds.

Andy Willms is HBLE’s Director of Law Enforcement Sales; Andy is incredibly well-versed in department needs, innovative product lines, and industry standards for the modern LEO. Also recognized for his passion to keep LE Officers armed and equipped with the essential, elite supplies, he’s proud to serve those that protect and serve. Contact Andy with any LE questions. Join our HBLE Newsletter Mailing!

HBLE Offers a Great Variety of LE / Police Gear to Include:

  • Lethal Defense – Firearms / Duty Weapons
  • Less-Lethal Defense
  • Non-Lethal Defense
  • Ammunition – Breaching / Duty / Training / Less-Lethal
  • Gear – Duty / Tactical / Training / Off-Duty
  • Body Armor – Concealable / Tactical / Plates / Shields / Helmets
  • Optics
  • Night Vision and Thermal Imaging
  • Emergency Vehicle Light Representative – Brooking Industries
  • Accessories
  • Custom Fitting Vests (AK, ID, OR, WA)

HBLE is Proud to be LE Distributors for the Following Brands:

HBLE Products and Sales are for Law Enforcement , Corrections, and Security personnel. Some HBLE products may have the following or combination of the following restrictions: 

  • LE / Corrections ONLY (No Security)
  • Department or Agency-Direct Sales (Not Individual Purchase)
  • Require Additional Training / Handling Certification(s) for Order Fulfillment
  • HAZMAT Charges MAY Apply in Addition to Shipping Charges

Must have “HBLE Membership” approval to purchase LE Products. Please see above to obtain approval and gain HBLE purchasing authorization.  

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