Colt M16  5.56 / .223 Remington Complete MIL-SPEC Bolt Carrier Group – SP64028

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Colt Manufacturing M16 /Full-auto style .223/5.56 bolt carrier group for AR variants.  New carrier, used bolt.  Marked “C” and “MPC”.  Better than Mil-Spec, legendary Colt quality.



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Colt M16  5.56 / .223 Remington Complete MIL-SPEC Bolt Carrier Group – SP64028

Proven as one of the most trusted brands, Colt delivers the quality you demand for years of dependable service and supreme confidence in your weapon system.

This Colt Manufacturing bolt carrier group is machined to Mil-Spec or better, Colt BCG’s are some of the best in the industry. The carrier is an M16 / Full-auto style retaining a full-length shroud for tripping auto sear, making this BCG compatible with semi or full-auto receivers. The carrier is new, but the bolts are used and MAY require new gas rings. These complete 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem bolt carrier groups are drop-in ready for any AR-15 / M4 / M16 / variant.

The carrier and carrier gas key are chromelined for smooth cycling and resistance to wear from hot gas combustion. The carrier’s gas key screws are properly staked to prevent gas leakage eliminating the potential for cycle short stroking.  The bolt carriers and bolts are high pressure MPI (magnetic particle inspected) tested to ensure structural integrity and confirmation to be free from imperfections.  The carrier is marked “C” and the bolts are marked “MPC”.

Manufacturer Colt Manufacturing
Part Bolt Carrier Group – Complete
Firearm Compatibility M16 / M4 / AR15 / Variants
Build Specification MIL-SPEC
Caliber 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem / 300 AAC Backout (7.62 x 35mm)
Carrier Style M-16 / Full Auto / Full-Shroud Design, Internally Chrome Lined
BCG Finish MIL-SPEC (Black Phosphate)
Gas Key Chrome Lined, properly staked gas keys
Carrier / Bolt Markings Carrier:  “C”    Bolts:   “MPC”


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