Heckler & Koch HK416C PDW Stock Assembly- Type 2 Stock


Heckler and Koch HK416C PDW Stock Assembly – Type 2 Stock

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Heckler and Koch HK416C PDW Stock Assembly – Type II Stock (MP5 Style)

Thought these didn’t actually exists?  Here they are, the REAL, genuine HK416C PDW stock kit assembly.  These assemblies are ONLY available for purchase to those customers that purchased a Hurricane Butterfly HK416 Pistol or lower receiver  from us.

All of the components in these HK416C PDW Stock Kits are true factory Heckler and Koch with the exception of the fabricated back plate.  This custom backplate features loops that capture and stabilize the stock rods for added support.  These buttstocks are extraordinarily rare and hard to find.

HK416C PDW stock kit includes the following:

  • Type II Collapsible Buttstock (MP5 Style)
  • HK416C PDW Stripped Full Auto Bolt Carrier – HK Marked
  • HK416 PDW Recoil Spring
  • Receiver end-plate with stock rod supports (Fabricated, non-HK)

NOTICE: The parts listed for sale within the HK416C PDW conversion kit are imported, and do not qualify as US-made parts for the purposes of 922(r).  The buyer further acknowledges and agrees to comply with all applicable laws regarding the assembly and creation of a short-barreled rifle, as defined by 26 USC 5845.

To complete your HK416C PDW build you will need to source the following parts and components:

Part Name: HK USA Part Number HK Germany Part Number: Schematic #:
Barrel & Gas Operating Parts:
HK416C Compatible Barrel – available online from HKParts.net

Gas Piston Operating Rod for HK416C PDW

Gas Piston for HK416C PDW

Muzzle Device


Bolt Carrier Group Parts:
Complete Bolt Head 235604 HK00185 29-36
Cam Pin / Control Bolt 50233112 HK00104 37
Pressure spring for catch and/or bolt catch 50233132 HK00113 38
Bolt Carrier Catch 233705 HK00125 39
Bolt carrier rivet 233706 HK00144 40
Clamping sleeve roll pin 50979292 HK00377 41
Bolt Carrier Catch Retaining Pin 984198
Bolt carrier catch plunger spring HK00172 42
Bolt carrier catch plunger 235238 HK00175 43
Firing Pin Retaining Pin / Locking pin 203564 HK00176 44
Pressure spring for firing pin 50233674 HK00124 46
Firing pin 233703 HK00143 47
Handguard / Forearm Parts:
Locking screw for handguard 236202 HK00226 27
Shaped spring for handguard 233186 HK00122 28
Gas Block Parts:
Clamping sleeve for gas block 50979245 HK00364 3




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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in

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