Seahorse 85FP2 Two-Pistol Micro Gun Case, Lockable , Waterproof, TSA Approved – Black

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Seahorse 85FP2 Two-Pistol Micro Gun Case, Lockable , Waterproof, TSA Approved – Black.  Keep two handguns and up to 6 magazines protected with the custom cut foam set included with the lockable 85FP2 protective two-gun micro case.

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Product Info & Specs

Seahorse 85FP2 Two-Pistol Micro Gun Case, Lockable , Waterproof, TSA Approved – Black

Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases; means tough, heavy duty protection. Since 1997, Seahorse has been manufacturing hard, waterproof protective cases. From micro cases to large rolling cases, offering various sizes, configurations and accessories to protect and secure your valuables from impact and damage. Designed and manufactured in the Southern California facility, all Seahorse cases proudly come with a lifetime guarantee and made in the USA.

The Seahorse 85FP2 is a durable and low-profile two pistol hard case suitable for discrete travel and security.  Measuring 15.1 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches externally, the case is about the same size as a laptop computer, making it extremely practical for travel and all-around pistol storage. The Seahorse 85FP2 Micro Case secures two pistols and six magazines in custom closed cell foam, shielding your gear from impact, damage, and unauthorized access.  Coming in at 3.17 pounds empty, the case has 13.68 pounds of positive buoyancy.  Depending upon what’s being stored within the case, there is a very good chance the entire case will float in the event of a water-borne incident.

Seahorse cases have been engineered to withstand the elements and ensure that your goods are protected.  This low-profile case is IP67-rated waterproof, watertight, dust proof,  crush resistant, and has an automatic pressure equalization system.  Regardless if it’s a change in temperature or altitude, Seahorse cases can adapt with its’ automatic pressure equalization system.  It also features keyed locking latches and a molded padlock eyelet that will accept most commercially available padlocks. When secured with an external padlock, the case is TSA APPROVED for commercial air travel.  These cases are made in the USA, are proudly backed by a lifetime guarantee, and are priced at a competitive price point!  How cool is that!?

The  Seahorse 85FP2  allows for a nearly universal fit, with the option to modify the foam for larger pistols if necessary.

Pictured: a Glock, model 17L pistol with an extended magazine, packed with a Sig Sauer, model P226 Combat pistol with a standard magazine, allowing a total of 6 magazines to be stored within the case. These full-sized pistols with double-stack magazines fit perfectly, with room to spare.  Packing larger pistols would not be an issue.

Pictured: Note the 85FP2’s size comparison to a thin, 15″ laptop computer.

Pictured: Note the excellent size of the 85FP2 for packing and transport purposes.

Seahorse 85FP2 Features:

  • TSA Approved for travel
  • Waterproof, meets or exceeds IP67
  • Built for continuous submersion up to 3 Meters
  • Made of high impact resistant polycarbonate
  • Rust proof hinges
  • Dual Keyed plastic safety locking latches
  • Automatic pressure equalization system


Outside Dimensions Length Width Height
15.1 in 12.2 in 2.8 in
38 cm 31 cm 7 cm


Inside Dimensions Length Width Height
13.9 in 9.9 in 1.76 in
35 cm 25 cm 4 cm


Case Weight Shipping Weight
3.17 lb 4 lb
Case Buoyancy
13.68 lb 6.205 kg

Fits the following guns and smaller:

Manufacturer Gun Model
Armscor 1911A-1 CS 3.5″ GI Standard CS
Beretta 92FS
Colt 1911 M45A1, 5″ W/Rail 45ACP
Colt 1911 Rail Gun, 5″ BBL
Colt Delta Elite 5″ 10mm
Colt 1911 Gov’t 5″
Colt 1911 Commander, 4.25″ 45ACP
Colt Defender 3″ 45 ACP
Colt Gov’t 70 Series
Glock 17-19-23-26-27-31
Kimber Warrior, w/Rail
Kimber Warrior II
Kimber Super Carry Pro
Kimber Super Carry Ultra, 45 ACP, 3″
Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced 5″ 45 ACP
Ruger SR1911 Commander 4.25″ 45ACP
Sig Sauer P220R-45-Legion (4.4″)
Sig Sauer P220R-45-BSS (4.4″)
Sig Sauer P226 (4.4″, No Rail)
Sig Sauer P226 Legion
Sig Sauer P226 MK25 (4.4″, NS)
Sig Sauer P229 Legion
Sig Sauer P229 Nitron Compact
Sig Sauer P239 SAS
Sig Sauer W220R-45-BSS
Sig Sauer 7-W1911TR-45-TACOPS
Sig Sauer 1911 XO 5″ 45ACP
Smith & Wesson 1911A E Series 45 ACP
Smith & Wesson 1911SC E Series 4.25″ 45 Auto
Smith & Wesson M&P40 Thumb Safety
Smith & Wesson M&P9/40 W/WO Thumb Safety
Springfield XD9401HC (5″ full size)
Springfield XD9101HC (4″ full size)
Springfield XD9102HC
Springfield XD9611HC

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in